Modern Warfare 2 Level 70 Max Prestige Hack

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Modern Warfare 2 level 70 hack is out, and is already available in the form of easy account upgrade. In the package there are three player stats files including every gun unlocked with different prestige levels. These three playerstats files are as follows:


To use one of these player stat files, you will have to rename it to “playerstats.txt” and use it via EA’s Easy Upgrade.
Download Modern Warfare LVL 70 Max Prestige Hack ( Link updated to work after *1.0.169* steam update )and follow the instructions given in the release notes to hacktivate your current lvl to 70 with either max prestige level or no prestige level.


1. Back up your legit player stats before using EA Easy Upgrade.Use EA Help button for instructions about the procedure.
2. Only the unlocks that are obtained through ranking are included. All Challenges, Accolades, are still locked. All online gameplay modes are unlocked. Some Titles and Emblems are unlocked “The ones that are unlocked by ranking up only”.
3. To reset your playerstats to level 1,  rename playerstatslvl1.txt to playstats.txt and import into MW2 using EA’s Easy Upgrade.
4. Use with caution as guys at Infinity Ward may track your stats with zero gameplay time so only use EA Easy Upgrade at the game’s menu screen and never leave EA Easy Upgrade running while you “Find a Game”.

Stats Not Saved While Using EA’s Easy Upgrade *Fix*
Stats are created, managed and temporarily stored by the game client-side. At game launch, stats are automatically imported from the Steam Cloud, a server-side source.
These imported stats come from a previous playing session that meets the following behavioral criteria:

1. The game (or the client-side Steam implementation) exports (saves) stats in the Steam Cloud (server-side) under certain circumstances. One of these circumstances is after ranking up a level during an online game.

2. After advancing a level (rank promotion), a player is able to leave the server, quit the game, and reload the game with the rank promotion intact permanently.

3. A player’s stats will not be saved (exported) into the Steam Cloud at the game’s menu when ranking down a level (demoting) with Easy Account. For example, you will not be able to use Easy Account to permanently save the transfer from a level 70 maximum prestige account to a level 45 account due to the game’s / Steam’s logic.

4. Adversely, it is possible to permanently promote your rank while at the game’s menu. To accomplish this, import stats of a higher rank using Easy Account then create / modify a custom class or killstreak rewards.

5. Doing so will export stat information to the Steam Cloud, thus making stats permanent. In this context, permanent means the stats will load as currently configured when the game is restarted.

How to Reset Your Stats in Modern Warfare 2

It is always possible to reset stats by deleting the four files mentioned below. Rank up in an online match to make the reset permanent.

To reset (deleted) your stats without the help of EA, make sure MW2 is not running and navigate to (default):
-C:\Program Files\Steam\SteamApps\common\call of duty modern warfare 2\players …and delete the two .stat files.

Then navigate to (default):
-C:\Program Files\Steam\userdata\(some numbered folder)\(some numbered folder)\remote\
-And delete the two files residing in that folder. These file names will differ between each player / Steam account.

Modern Warfare 2 Player Stats Different Levels
*Link Removed* As they no longer work due to continuous steam updates.

Update: The level hack has been updated since the previous version didn’t work after the steam update. Download the updated version and patch your profile with it.

Note: Modern Warfare 2 XP Gain Cheat is out, which essentially make your level stick even after the game restart.

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      facebook/devin yingling?Please help us get it pritty soon.

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    please help me‏ ‎ early!!‏

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    My computer don`t find playerstats.txt PLS HELPPP

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    Could you post the hack again?My friend wants it.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      I wonder if it even works now.

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    • Xx7roObxX

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  • helooooooo

    ok i tried everything how do i work this please simplify the steps on how to change the lvl and prestige?

  • Ozzo

    how do you rename the playerstats to playerstats. txt?

    • pipodeclown

      ….. right mouse klik press re name then ” playerstats.txt ”
      so hard ? isent it ?

  • marcus

    10 prestge and level 70

    • nikos

      pro sniper

  • mw2_q8

    dude i download 9th prestige 70 titles and emlibes nice ^_^ dowload

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    my Hell Problem now is !!!
    how to Modifying my Playerstats.txt <<-=-=-File wzout any program or any one ………..plz Feed Back me <<-=-=-= i am not use Steam <<-=-=-Notice

    Thx for listening .. ^_^ <3

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    Does the reset stats to level 1 still work?

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  • MrTorenzo

    Does this cheat work on xbox?? 😀

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    What the fun in hacking or cheating, its fuckin gay as hell!!!

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      No one forced you to do that, or have they ? Cheating and leveling early are two separate issues. I won’t like to level up everytime I reinstall the game..

  • Akmedddddddd

    hey, if it dont work you can always try and LEVEL THE FUCK UP BY YOURSELF, black fags

  • Bonsai

    When come the version from 1.0172 ?

  • oxy

    Thanks, I’m quite new to this, but I’ll give it a try:)

  • oxy

    Is there a way to keep or upload allready completed challanges to the prestige 10, lvl 70 profile?

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Yess you can do that with EA Easy Upgrade, save the stats files and then load them with this tool. A quick search may help.

      P.S : I wanted to write about it but couldn’t due to busy schedule and Exams season.

  • Trinnity

    Hey guys I was previously prestige 7 at rank 30 or something. I managed to reset my rank by deleting the files manually but when I try to get EAM to load a playerstats it says could not find playerstats.txt please help

  • The GuessWho

    I have the same problem as Pitocolo, it says bad file name or number, or some shiet, and i can’t find the Playerstats.txt file, lol. Could anyone tell me where to find it?

  • Lias

    i have a problem, i start EAM, start mw2, then i click import stats and it says playerstat.txt not found! please help!!!

  • David

    This no longer works and will get you banned.

  • Pitoloco McFly!

    run-time error “52”
    Bad file name or numer…
    how to fix it?

  • Jeutie

    I am using this wonderful application, And the answer on your question (Kk32) is no.

    With minor updates as 1.0.169, Your stats remain, However the hack has to be updated to work ‘again’

    Once your stats are on the servers of Steam,
    They stay there, However if they catch this they’ll probably fix it. As the challenges are modified.

  • Kk32

    I’ve been wandering does the updated stats persist after the game updates or I have to download this hack each time IW updates Modern Warfare? Thanks in advance.

  • Kritik

    Here’s an idea idiots… How bout play the game and rank up normally? is your confidence really so shattered in real life that in order to feel somewhat respected you have to hack your fukkin acount level? Wow! What is wrong with the world… Losers!

  • Zawad Iftikhar

    Link Updated to Work Under 1.0.169…

  • An ol’ CoD fan

    Make a 1st prestige lvl 70! please! id think the majority would like it as that.
    i would and my friends!
    please make it!

  • magicmiike

    Is there a way to be 10th prestive lvl 1?

  • lol

    lol loser

  • Jeutie

    Now like I said to Zawad,
    You get this \’reset level notification\’ if you use the old hack (not the updated one listed above) and imported stats (You\’d be level 70 without icon next to your name) And if you then exited the game you\’d get a notification saying your game data is old and needed to be reset in order for you to continue multi player. with the new hack and the new patch it works just fine, So you do not get this notification.

  • zoey

    Does this work with 1.0.169?

  • w00t

    never mind. i backed up my stats file and replaced those and it worked again. thanks anyway :)

    for other people. backup your .stats file just in case you cant reset it back :)

  • w00t

    how did he get the notification to reset level?

  • w00t

    how to get lvl 1 again? i tryed to delete at steam folder but it didnt work

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Read the detailed method mentioned by Jeutie in comments that is.

  • Jeutie

    Ok I got it to work after some searching,

    I first started the game, Got the notification to reset my level,
    Resettled, Closed the game, Then deleted those files stated in your guide.
    I started the game, Applied the .txt,
    Customized my guns, title, played a match,
    Exited the lobby and went to the main menu,
    Closed the game, restarted, Stats were saved :-) Thank you for your great work, Much appreciated, @ DrixQC You being on this page doesn’t predict anything good from you 😉 You gave yourself away.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Thanks for Sharing Jeutie, It will help others as well :)

  • sensan

    Any chance of getting a level 70 prestige prestige rank 3 profile so I can use the “third time charm” title without looking “hacked”.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      lets hope some one has the profile, and shares it.

  • DrixQC

    Hey NOOB!

    HAX is NOOB!
    TUBE is NOOB!

    Understand ?! :)


    • Zawad Iftikhar

      What will you do if you lose your level 70 profile ?,offcourse find a quickest way to get it. Got it ?
      Sniping is not nooob, and neither is camping.That is, what you need to understand, Noob.

  • Zawad Iftikhar

    @ Jordy Plz Read the Stats Not Saved While Using EA’s Easy Upgrade Fix* portion of the post. You will surely know whats wrong :)
    And how to make your experience permanent fix is out, currently trying when I have done all the testing will write about it as well.

  • Jordy

    So, I love your update, But still every time I login it asks me to reset my rank etc, Even with the newly downloaded version. Probably something with the txt files provided instead of the application

  • jeff

    if i use the easy account to get rank 1 it resets after i shut down the game and if i do the way whitout easy account nothing happends how do i get rank 1 now ?

  • Zawad Iftikhar

    Updated to EA for MW2 1.0.168* Thanks Patton for the heads up :)

  • Jordy

    I can’t seem to get it saved once I use the level 70 hack, If I log out, And want to continue the day after, It says I have to reset to 1 again…

  • patton

    Could you please update teh EA for MW2 1.0.168


  • p00pfac3

    i guess not i tried just as soon i saw this message . . . EA continues to work without any problem, at least it seems

  • Nazsgul

    To does who are trying to do it now. . .YOU CANT. new update came up and the would be incompatible with the game version.

  • Jordy

    I’ve got it to work, But each time I relog it says I have to reset my rank etc because of old game version, Any fix? Thanks already!

  • Goki

    Same problem then Woosh

  • Woosh

    Now my problem is that with every .txt I use, It resets me to 1 xD

  • ummmmm

    Could someone make some mirriors, rapidshare is balls when it comes to downloading anything popular.

  • Rob

    When I press easy upgrade it crashes the game (it did that in World at War aswell) but in world at war when u re opened the game the stats were at max but with this there the same they wer before the hack HELLLPPPPPP

  • Sven9

    I just want to go to level one – it says the same error no matter what I do now

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      kindly list down what u do in order to reset your stats so that I can have a better idea where’s the problem and to try to resolve this issue.

  • Sven9

    It says something about the file being from an old version X_X I used the level 70 prestige one

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Use the updated download link which works after the steam update @Sven9.

  • styn

    i Can not resset my score pfff (my rank is a skull !!!) how can i get it away plzz i want to resset all plz help

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Link updated* with new patch to work after the steam update.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Styn rename the playerstatslvl1.txt to playerstats.txt and import it into the MW folder using EA Easy Upgrade.
      Use the new lvl70 hack which works with steam update *Link has been updated with it*