How to Play Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer Online Free

Its been only few days Modern Warfare 2 has been released, and we already have a crack to play MW2 co op on hamachi and now a crack to play MW2 on servers. Well we know now that the decision to remove  dedicated server support was partly due to piracy and partly financial. Lets talk about how you can use this crack and play Modern Warfare 2 on servers.

How to Fool Steam to Play Modern Warfare 2 online for Free

Step 1
Download Play Modern Warfare 2 Online.

Step 2
Place these files into your game folder and replace the existing files.

Add Modern Warfare 2 Multiplayer shortcut to your Steam account.
Add MW2 To Steam

Step 4-Modern Warfare 2 “Game Disconnected Fix”
Now another thing you need to do is to change your nick in your steam account. Go to “View” and then choose “Settings” and now change your Nick.

When it comes to changing your nick, use the following format :  “Clan Tag<space>Nick”  like if I were you, I will choose “N1 NooB”. You may get disconnected if you don’t add <space> in between your “Clan tag” and “Nick”.

Step 5
Start the Modern Warfare 2 for Multiplayer from the added game section of your steam account, find a game, choose the type of game you want to play, and have fun.

Step 6-To Use Steam Add Friends Feature
In order to activate steam without buying the game, you can go to any Zero Gear Beta sign up page, and request a beta key. Once you have received the key Go to > Steam > My Games> Activate Product on Steam > Enter the beta key and have fun.

Suggestions, tips, and tricks would be appreciated but other shit may be not. Anyway if you got any issues playing Modern Warfare 2 online, you can always ask, we would be happy to solve those issues.

Update: There is another Working  method to play Modern Warfare 2 Online Steam Activated and Cracked. Follow the guide to start playing MW2 online, not sure how long it will work but atleast Christmas I hope.

Update: 2. Doesn’t work anymore.

By Zawad Iftikhar

Zawad is the lead editor of SegmentNext. He primarily manages what gets published on the site. He is a finance student and PC games enthusiast.

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    • Plz heLp

      Please Help When I Click Find Games Or Server … It Keeps Searching without any result…plase! Help

    • James Ramirez

      where to downlaod that “Crack to Play Modern Warfare 2 Online”??
      it leads to nothing but bookmark location and copy link location..
      (its link is also empty!!) help me pls!!!

    • Aasasjois

      when i play it online while im signed in to steam it always says IWNET_INVALIDVERSION.. even though its original.

      • Jose Valenzuela

        Same issue here man. Says invalid internet version, in steam as well as run directly from windows…

        Any thoughts?

        • Zawad Iftikhar

          outdated crack and all, you are little to late for this exploit friend.

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Yes It works read the *Update* part at the end of the post to play Modern Warfare 2 online using the workaround…

    • datdude

      OK… so I tried this workaround for getting kicked after 2 min. and it actually WORKS!!!!

    • S.B.M.J

      Hey.. Just wondering when the update is finnished… :P Got any news?

      • Zawad Iftikhar

        Nop. Only thing that I missed last time, was that when it is out, the system will let you save your sats so ranking system is on. 18 player servers. Custom console may not be their priority.

    • Farzad555

      thats all i needed to know
      i dont care if its dedicated servers or matchmaking, and i do care if i can only play for 1-2 minutes so thanks for the update zawad

      • Zawad Iftikhar

        np man :)

    • Farzad555

      Hey, any news so far? been waiting a long time for this crack… lol i check this site everyday… :)

      • Zawad Iftikhar

        Its in development, they are working on it. Can’t say when it will be released but can provide a bit info about it. You will be able to play online that’s what matters, but it won’t be like how things worked previously.

        -It will actually be more like a dedicated server system.
        -It will have console
        -Will have lobby system you can join the lobby before the start of the match but not after it.
        -You will be able to manage the server. /vote,/kick, /ban at will.

    • datdude

      Man…read somewhere that new crack was to be released monday, but nothing. Any news?

      • Zawad Iftikhar

        Well it will be within this week hopefully…….

    • PERSON

      I had trouble looking for a multi player crack and console thingy.
      after finding this site, it really helped :]
      goodluck on that crack.

      i can use the console for veteran now [<

    • jadorz

      does dis work or???

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      There isn’t any proper crack yet. Their are few files out which enable you play for like 2 minutes before you get kicked.I thought didn’t bother to write about those, as it will only be a waste of time.. When and if the working crack is out this post will be updated.

    • Radje

      It seemed to kept working for 1-2days after the first problems with this crack rose.
      But is it due to me, or doesn\’t the crack work anymore now?
      When I try to join a server, the only thing it keeps saying is:

      We need to find … more players.
      Finding games – 100ms.

      Any clues of theres a working crack again?

    • Radje

      Bleh I don’t like that new patch… It just became fun online:D
      Lets hope it won’t take long till we can play again.
      Tnx for the effort!

    • DreamOnDutch

      *Link Removed*
      Good luck! Go online again! =)

      • Zawad Iftikhar

        the patch DreamOnDutch mentioned only enables a player to play for like 2 minutes and then their is a kick :) thats why removed it…. I don’t anyone to waste time….Anyway Thanks for the update my friend :)

    • CrazyNoob

      Well after the latest playlist patch no one seem to be connecting to games, its a universal problem…

      • Zawad Iftikhar

        IW Fixed it so no one can connect now using the crack, will update when latest crack comes out. Stay tuned….

    • Radje

      Thanks a lot!
      I do have one problem though. How to join a server in the end? It\’s searching for games now for over 10minuts. Is that normal or?

    • patryk

      does anybody know how to join and make a game for lan on this new mw2?

    • shanksel

      omg dude thank you so much for this!!