Red Alert 3 Allies Faction Strategy Guide

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Among the Factions featured in Red Alert 3 Allies are most advanced faction offering widest range of options, their special abilities enable them to out master their foes.

Strength’s of the Allies
Can deploy air units faster.
Ability to establish forward outposts fast.
Structure not vulnerable during production.
Tactical options and Countermeasures.
Strong Spying ability.

Weaknesses of the Allies
Vast number of tactical option can be confusing at times.
Rather Flimsy Units and lackluster vehicle division.

Soviet Scouting/Rushing Abilities
Allies primary scout unit the attack dog cost far less then the Soviet’s War Bear, has lesser health, but does the job by breaking the enemy disguise and giving information.

However with the allies you can build the air base quickly and deploy vindicators, who can serve as good early rushers. By upgrading the advanced aeronautics upgrade, and attacking with a full squadron of Vindicators you can easily wipe out enemy power generators with every bombing run making life more then difficult for your opponent.

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With vindicators in hand, you can destroy imperial army’s vulnerable Nan cores easily while they are unpacking, if you are facing imperial army they should be your primary target but do finish them before unpacking because they will be much tougher to destroy after unpacking.

If you prefer ground battle, your primary options Riptide ACV’s and Multigunner IFV’s will do the job after you have destroyed the enemy Power Generators with your Vindicators. Pairing IFV’s with your javelin soldiers will add more fuel to your destruction power.

After the Heightened Clearance upgrade has been researched you will have access to Cry copters, support chopper with ability to freeze ground units and structures and halting them almost instantly.

You can simply deactivate your enemy base defenses using Cry Copters or freeze their power generators to shut down all the defenses at once or you can halt their resource collectors, options are there, choice is yours.

Heightened clearance upgrade also unlocks Spy’s at the boot camp. Spy’s can be real pain in the butt, by infiltrating enemy defenses and enemy structures, they can aid an attack or temporarily disable structures, and common targets are power generators.

You can bribe enemy infantry using spy’s to make them under allied control and when used in the middle of a mounting battle, can really turn the tide.

These early rush and harassment techniques can be employed to confuse your opponent and force him to scratch his head while you are busy in advancing technological tree and securing resources and more firepower.

Allied Expansion
Having the ore hoarding prospector as expansion unit, allies have an edge in the field of base expansion giving them the ability to advance to next resource location the moment they have setup an ore refinery.

After they have built the ore refinery, they can simply build another prospector to resume fund collection. Allied outposts are also much stronger then the soviets, having health as much as four times as compared with soviets.

Allies are also at advantage when it comes to forward outpost defenses because there structures spend most of the time within production queue so they can have base defenses all set to deploy the moment their forward outpost unpacks.

Always have a scout watching your forward outpost, even your defenses are all set and working a disguised sudden transport can catch you sleeping with engineers capturing your forward outpost before even your base defenses can react.

Allied Defenses
Allied base defenses are powered by allied multi gunner turret having the ability to garrison different units to enhance its abilities in different ways. The allies advanced spectrum tower is also powerful and becomes devastating when more are placed close to each other.

Allied Athena cannon artillery also make great defenders but lack the ability to fire over walls unlike Soviets V4 rocket launchers but come with special ability to shield attacks. They can deploy Aegis shields that persist for quite a while, recharge quickly and can nullify damage up to 2000 points which is max amount of damage inflicted by most factions’ ultimate weapon strikes.

How to Combat Allies in Red Alert 3
Allies have an advantage in air combat so first thing you want to do is minimize that advantage by setting up some anti air defenses. Vindicators and Crycopters will be your worst nightmare so quickly builds flak cannons, troopers, and bullfrogs if you are playing as soviet or build Mecha Tengue Jet, Tengue if you are using the Imperials.

The other thing you need to sort out are the spies, so do have plenty of scouts to ward off spies. Shut down the allies’ versatile air force and force them into ground battle which is not their strength. Also halt their early expansion efforts by dominating them with your stronger armor divisions.

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  • melatoningamer

    Red Alert 3 is one of the most addicting games that i have ever played. I like the units of the Russians particularly the Yuri guy he he.

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