PTCL Launches Multiplayer Gaming Servers as Part of PTCL Gaming Lounge

By   /   6 years ago

PTCL has finally launched the long awaited gaming portal that the company initially promised. With Wateen trying to increase it’s market share in gaming by introducing so to say “Professional” approach to gaming, it was about time ptcl do something so they did. PTCL gaming portal was renamed as PTCL Gaming Louge and made a part of it’s Buzz entertainment portal as promised.

Now the sad part is “It’s for Ptcl subscribers only”. It would have been the most awesome thing to come to gamers of pakistan if it had been without this restriction.

Anyway PTCL Gaming Lounge has two sections:
1. The Casual Games
2. The Multiplayer Games
The casual games part of PTCL gaming lounge has like 140+ games belonging to categories action, adventure, arcade, puzzle, strategy, cards and board games as of now.

The Multiplayer part is interesting, providing the gaming servers for all time hits like Counterstrike, Battlefield 2, Call of Duty 4, Teamfortress 2 and MOHAA with Day of Defeat, Ricochet and Death Match Classic completing the list of all supported games.

This gaming portal would have kicked some real ass if and only it had been available to everyone. And Yes It’s Free.

Zawad is the lead editor of SegmentNext. He primarily manages what gets published on the site. He is a finance student and PC games enthusiast.
  • abrar

    yar koi ya website day

  • imak

    hey NEMMY !!!
    can u give me the list of servers of CS …
    iam also a PTCL subscriber ….

  • rattlesnake

    Hire us bro:P
    We might be a great help:P
    Anyways best of luck:)

  • Hussain

    Thanks for the great effort that you put in your review.

    I am the admin. And yes, I am pretty new at this so bear with me a bit. I am working on upgrading the game versions, putting in anti-cheat patches and so on.

    If you want new games, post it here and on other sites and I’ll try to get around to it.

    Most people have requested COD 1.7, so shall be upgrading soon.

    • Rana Samiullah

      iwant to hosting in game cod4…help me…my cell number is 03332917550

    • MaJoR

      Sir i have a clan in cod4 so now i luched a server in gameranger through ptcl for national player beocuz |Da| Jack offer a server but prblm is ping.!1
      our national player can not play best game in the ping of 300//so we decide to lunched a server through can u plz tell me the wholemethod..
      or give em contact num.
      my contact num is 03349260317

  • [A|PHA & OM3GA]

    Gotta get Ptcl then…..cuz wateen wont grow up and admit its network suxx


    I think wateen is the only ISP which charges from its own users for gaming on its bogus servers.

  • [MARV] H R A ZA

    Cod 4 Server Is On 1.0…Do They Have Admins Or Smthin…

    • Zawad Iftikhar

      Apparently they don’t have anything like admins, certainly seems like it…

  • N3mmy|GP|


    i have a PTCL broadband !~!! 😀

    well its just the start lets see wat happens next but i am really sure PTCL will be the best !!!! .. from all those noob contenders OUT THERE!!!!

  • Light

    They are noob
    But they will remain noob?


  • Light

    Everyone is noob at the start….
    so no need to yawwwnnnnn

  • {MeTaL} BOOM